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Effortlessly Increase the Performance of your Retail or Service-based Business with a Specialized Web Design

Fast turnarounds. Reliable and affordable. Unlimited revisions. Zero tech skills required.


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Our high-performance specialized websites are created with 3 impactful components to visually, mentally and energetically align with your audience, your business and yourself.

Attract Your Best Customers through Authentic Expression


Attract Your Best Customers through Authentic Expression

You are the only you and that is your super power.


Authenticity has been and will always be the highest form of beauty and the highest vibration of well-being.


Intermingling the magnetic essence of your business into every aspect of your site is key.

Increased Sales with Strategic Marketing Psychology


Increased Sales with Strategic Marketing Psychology

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate instead of your traffic.


High-performing websites are psychologically designed to improve customer experience producing more sales with less effort.

Improved Credibility by Intentional Design


Improved Credibility by Intentional Design

Perception is more than what people think about a product; it involves how someone feels about it as well.


Structured in a way that associates your business with clear pleasant feelings, you’ll attract the right people to your product or service.

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Design Examples

Here’s a collection of selected design work made by our talented designers.

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"As a result of hiring Jonathan of Indigoflowz, I now have a beautiful, fully functional, profitable website for my online bead store. My sales quadrupled the first month after the redesign!"

Gina Moody
Beads & Hand-made Jewelry

A Full-Stack High-Performance Specialized Website 

Designed to reflect the authentic essence of your brand and align with your customers.

Market Psychology & Strategy 

Proven aesthetic design that increases conversions

Full Desktop / Tablet / Mobile Responsiveness

For the best customer experience on any device

Unlimited Revisions

No limits. No surprises. Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

Search Engine Optimization

To ensure your website can be found in search engines

Completion in as Little as 3 Weeks

We produce quality high-performing websites fast to help boost sales

Wix Backend Video Walkthrough

Receive a video recording walkthrough for easy self-management

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Simple & effective for results of the highest vibrational alignment

"Jon from Indigoflowz worked wonders on our site! He took the time to really understand what we were envisioning and bring it to reality. He went above and beyond to make sure that we were fully satisfied with the design. He is the best Web Designer I've worked with so far, and I would highly recommend working with him if you're looking for your dream site!"

Saul Mendoza

You're Ready For A Specialized Web Design If . . .

. . . you feel like you've been divinely guided to this website. And one or more of these resonate with you:

You're tired of sending traffic to a poorly designed or outdated website

You've got little to no knowledge of how to manage your website, but would like to be able to.

Your site's got a poor user experience on mobile devices. (website is non-responsive)

You've tried freelancers, but they hinged on inside-the-box thinking — and that's not your style.

You're looking for expert guidance, and you've got the foresight to trust the process.


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