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Clean and clear high-performance websites built with 3 impactful components to visually, mentally and energetically align with your audience, your business and yourself.


1) Authentic Expression

You are the only you and that is your super power.


Authenticity has been and will always be the highest form of beauty and the highest vibration of well-being.


Intermingling the magnetic essence of your business into every aspect of your site is key.

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2) Market Psychology

It's much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate instead of your traffic.


High-performing websites are psychologically designed to improve customer experience producing more sales with less effort.

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3) Intentional Design

Perception is more than what people think about a product; it involves how someone feels about it as well.


Structured in a way that associates your business with clear pleasant feelings, you’ll attract the right people to your product or service.

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Creative Director

Jonathan Roumain


Design Services

 Web Design Consultation

Optimized Web Design (UX & UI)

Full Desktop & Mobile Responsive Optimization

Marketing Psychology/Strategy

 Web Platform Specialty: Wix

 Unlimited Revisions

 Web Design Consultation

Optimized Web Design (UX & UI)

Full Desktop & Mobile

    Responsive Optimization

Marketing Psychology/Strategy

 Web Platform Specialty: Wix

 Unlimited Revisions

Wix Partner
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Divinely Client-Focused

Randy Ferguson

"Never in the 30+ years of my career as a motivational speaker/author, have I worked with someone like Jonathan Roumain. His talents as a site designer are phenomenal.


He has an ability to sense the deeper essence of what his customers want to communicate, and then to convey that expression on-line, elegantly. Perhaps what I have enjoyed most in working with Jonathan, is his kind, perceptive and patient manner.


I can truly say that working with him has been a genuine pleasure. I recommend him with enthusiasm."

Charlie Sanders

"Jonathan is a magic worker. He really has his finger on the heart beat of the public today. He has creative acumen unlike any I've ever seen. My sales page and landing page and website look spectacular.


He's got a real talent for understanding contemporary website design. He had a way of tuning in to the core values and brand of our business and communicated that visually in the imagery and feel of the website.


I was lucky to have found him and will keep him in mind for whatever other visual work I have on the website in the future."

Andie Hudson

"Indigoflowz have produced a beautifully designed, easy to navigate site for me.


Also jon has an interesting way of explaining the technical elements of a site and has an extremely innovative creative way of placing the copy & the images that connect well, and therefore allows those viewing the site to be inquisitive and to want to find out more.


Very professional competent technician. I would recommend him to design any web site on varying topics from corporate, business to Health or spiritual."

Peter Tabert

"I am very pleased with the design and work that has been done on my website.


I found to be very easy to work with Jonathan who was helpful with suggestions and solutions to our problems. He has communicated swiftly and clearly. His pricing is very reasonable.


The most important aspect was his care for the design and client being satisfied with excellent work. I recommend him to one wishing help in web design. Thank you."

Kevin Decloux

"Jonathan worked tirelessly to deliver a on a project that definitely met our expectations. He would regularly seek feedback and communicate with us efficiently.


Even in a very brief instance where we weren't aligned, he was remarkable in making sure that our feedback was appreciated, valued, and implemented.


I wouldn't think twice to use Jonathan again. He's a talented and knowledgeable designer without a doubt. Thanks again."

Samori Coles

"Working with Jonathan was awesome. His skills, insight and desire to exceed expectations are second to none.


I will definitely be working with him again."

Angelica Smith

"Very kind and easy to work with. Communications was amazing even tho I’m a hard person to keep in touch with.


Even after the Job is don’t he still offer to make small changes if needed be . He truly the best person for the job if needed be."

Cecelia Abedi

"Johnathan was very knowledgeable and creative! He listened to my ideas and created a vision.


He went above and beyond to assist in areas that weren't even his responsibilities.


He responded quickly and ensured i was educated on everything he had done. I highly recommend indigo flowz to anyone looking for website design and vision."

Neill McKee

"I found Jonathan to be very professional and creative. He is organized, responsive, very fast, thorough in his work, and pleasant to work with.


He is very up on new methods of determining exactly what I wanted through screen sharing and solving things collaboratively, while coaching me on how to take of some updates myself."

Amber K Leon

"Jonathan was so easy to work with. He is personable and responsive. He managed expectations and communicated the project guidelines and timelines well.


He helped me take my ideas and bring them to life. I am very thankful to have been connected with him!"

Tanja Diamond

"I found Jonathan to be amazing! I called in an emergency and he delivered!


What I appreciate the most is his professionalism, speed and deep caring.


I have no hesitation recommending Jonathan to everyone and I am excited with what we are working on now!"

Dr. Robert Flannigan

"Jonathan built me a great website, and was very easy to work with, communicating well with me throughout the whole process.

I'll be using him for any changes/updates to the site, and highly recommend him."

Jessica Hobeishe

"Jonathan was extremely helpful and understanding when it came to our website's needs.


We're very excited to launch our new home page!"

Mike Ljubsa

"Jonathan was detail-oriented and was always quick to respond to any requests that I had.


Highly recommended."

John Clark

"Jonathan was very on point, hands on with my website and extremely professional.


I would use and recommend him."

Iain Hittel

"I have worked with Jonathan on a number of projects including product branding, logos for film and documentaries and a number of personal projects.


He is intuitive, creative and great response time."

Saul Mendoza

"Jon from Indigoflowz worked wonders on our site! He took the time to really understand what we were envisioning and bring it to reality.


He went above and beyond to make sure that we were fully satisfied with the design.


He is the best Web Designer I've worked with so far, and I would highly recommend working with him if you're looking for your dream site!"

Donna O'Brien

"Jonathan did an outstanding job on designing my website. His expertise was clearly evident when he provided me with the first draft for review. I was very excited and happy with how it looked.


It had minimal changes which aligned with his understanding in what the customer wants. Jonathan always kept in communication throughout the entire process. He was very personable, professional, and provided excellent advice.


I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him and quite honestly was a bit emotional when our project came to completion because the whole experience was so much fun and everything went so smoothly. It was truly a joy to know him. I would definitely recommend Jonathan for his superior service."

Cordelia McKusick

"Designing the bones of my website on WIX {transitioning off WordPress} was fun, fluid and creative for the first 10 hours; on the 11th hour I had made the definitive business choice to inquire about Web Design support.


By the grace of magic I landed the intro interview with Indigoflowz through WIXPartnerships. Jonathan provided me with unbelievably impressive support from the beginning, which remained every step of the way to the end.


Every far-fetched curiosity, or overwhelming design detail I tossed out, was met with clarity, empowerment, exquisite design edits and clean, quick & radically powerful feedback."

Nicholas Harper

"Jonathan Roumain's website design work product is analogous to the way one feels after having a tailor design a custom-made two thousand dollar Italian suit for you: not cheap but worth every penny.


He will make great suggestions you probably never even considered which, obviously, will be to YOUR benefit. In addition he has a formal process by which he will handle your transaction yet he's also quite personable.


The only reason I gave him five stars is because giving him SIX starts is not an option. Yes, he is T.HAT good at his craft. Do yourself a favor and have at least a conversation with him. His professionalism ALONE is higher than most and I speak from experience.


I have worked with quite a few contractors over the last forty years or so and the vast majority are very ordinary. Jonathan, on the other hand, had me thinking "Wow, I would never have thought of that!" on NUMEROUS occasions. If you are wise enough to hire Jonathan as your contractor you WILL be pleased with work product, work ethic AND professionalism. Trust me."

Morgan Phipps

"Jonathan was a great resource for us. Not only did he follow through with the project he went above and beyond the call of duty.


We appreciate the great work and will recommend him to anyone seeking a great site with amazing value."

Paul Harris

"In a nutshell - my experience with Jonathan could not be better. I had a fixed idea of what I wanted to achieve but I did not know how to achieve it.


Jonathan showed me how. He was patient with my questions and was always readily available to give me advice. He helped me achieve exactly what I wanted and in record time.


I would not hesitate to use him again or to recommend his services."

Brendan Griebel

"Jonathan was an intuitive and supportive guide for our project to design a new website and online store. He reserved lots of time to listen to and understand our vision for the project, and to help us outline what our specific needs were in terms of design.


He was incredibly patient with our company as we moved through the design process at a slower than normal pace due to our company's limited staff and capacity.


He was adamant about his involvement in the project not being over until we were fully satisfied with the website. I would highly recommend Jonathan's hiring for any website development needs."

Doug Cohen

"Jonathan was attentive, creative and patient. He always followed up, listened well to my input and did all he could to make sure the website was user friendly and functional.


Ultimately I am very glad I chose his services to help us hone our website."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a fully functional website creation cost?

We offer custom project-based plans that fit with your budget and vision, prices can range from $3,000 to $15,000 USD.

What if I've already got a website?

We can help you migrate your current website from where it's currently hosted to allow us to redesign your site. Contact us to find out how we can help.

How long does it take to create the website?

Simple landing pages will typically take one - two weeks, while more complex websites (such as a membership site, e-commerce site, subscription-based site, or high-content site) may take up to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the response time.

What if I don't like the final product?

If you don't like the final product we'll make changes until you have exactly what you want, that's why we offer unlimited revisions until you're 100% satisfied.

What happens if I need updates to my website?

We charge $60/hour for site design and redesign work. Part of the Scope of Work for designing your website/project can include teaching you the basics of how to use the backend of your site.

How many revisions do I get on my website?

We offer unlimited revisions until you're 100% satisfied.


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