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Shawal Makahla Banyamayan

Marketing Specialist

Mannafest Consulting

Jonathan & Shawal are known as the go-to millennials for all marketing automation and web design needs for businesses creating some of the highest grossing marketing sales funnels and websites in numerous businesses producing massive results.


Their goal is to help raise funds for your business/non profit without needing credit or big start up capital by leveraging an asset you already possess which is your existing list, clients and advisors!


Jonathan Roumain

Web Design Specialist


Specialized Web Design
Randy Ferguson

"Never in the 30+ years of my career as a motivational speaker/author, have I worked with someone like Jonathan Roumain. His talents as a site designer are phenomenal.


He has an ability to sense the deeper essence of what his customers want to communicate, and then to convey that expression on-line, elegantly. Perhaps what I have enjoyed most in working with Jonathan, is his kind, perceptive and patient manner.


I can truly say that working with him has been a genuine pleasure. I recommend him with enthusiasm."

Stephanie Maldonado

"Because of Shaul I was honored the opportunity to get a complete social media, website & profit center audit for the purpose of scaling our non profit to $33,000 per day which means I have a lot of HIRING and outsourcing I must do"

I’m so honored that I was afforded the opportunity to get a complete social media, website & profit center audit for the startup of my new company Total Body Excavations. This consultation has given me the exact blueprint and phenomenal insights with actionable steps to implement in order to bring on 10+ new clients per day.


This means I have a lot of HIRING and outsourcing I must do starting with Jonathan & Shawal who are the two operators and coordinators. They have simply gone above and beyond to prove themselves to be at the top of high converting sales funnel implementation.

Specialized Web Design
Nicholas Harper

"Jonathan Roumain's website design work product is analogous to the way one feels after having a tailor design a custom-made five thousand dollar Italian suit for you: not cheap but worth every penny.


He will make great suggestions you probably never even considered which, obviously, will be to YOUR benefit. In addition he has a formal process by which he will handle your transaction yet he's also quite personable.


The only reason I gave him five stars is because giving him SIX starts is not an option. Yes, he is T.HAT good at his craft. Do yourself a favor and have at least a conversation with him. His professionalism ALONE is higher than most and I speak from experience.


I have worked with quite a few contractors over the last forty years or so and the vast majority are very ordinary. Jonathan, on the other hand, had me thinking "Wow, I would never have thought of that!" on NUMEROUS occasions. If you are wise enough to hire Jonathan as your contractor you WILL be pleased with work product, work ethic AND professionalism. Trust me."


They will show you how to optimize and market your business effectively with less effort.


Book a private activation marketing call to qualify for a specialized web design & marketing package. ($250 Deposit)

You'll walk away with a profitable roadmap for your business and if approved, we will apply your security deposit to the appropriate product package!


To the first 20 people who take a call with us, we will give them 50% off website design and affiliate traffic opportunities where we share in a traffic COOP rotator (Experienced marketers know this)


If you're knew and willing to learn, inquire now!